What is one of the key obstacles to introducing much-needed change within your organisation and business? In our experience, it is limited thinking by managers leading to ineffective decision-making and undermining of strategic objectives. Intus leadership development across the business has proven to provide the following benefits:

          Exploration of what conscious leadership is, giving people a new way to go forward together

          Open discussion between different areas of the business

          Shared new cognitive and behavioural learning across the business

          A shared ‘language’ improving interpersonal skills

          Generation of potential innovations through cross-pollination of ideas, knowledge and experiences.

Customised IC Organisational Development Programs can be developed to address your specific organisational and business needs.


It’s amazing how much difference can be made to situations if you know and acknowledge the circumstances of everyone involved. Very enlightening. This is the only course that has really captivated me and kept me wanting to learn.


Most workshops are facilitated by ‘teachers’ with a broad ‘product’ knowledge –  Sarah was a doctor talking about her specialist field – she was credible & Incredible. I have attended courses all over Australia & this was by far the best I have ever been to.
Lori Nicholas, Business Process and Data Coach, BHP Billiton


As facilitators we would like to thank you for your valuable contribution to the Station Officer Training School. Feedback from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive. The leadership skills you are imparting are of undoubted benefit to them individually and to DFES as a whole. Thanks again, we look forward to your ongoing involvement with courses.
Darren Klemm, Paul Ryan, David Broadbent, Alan Crossman, Department of Fire and Emergency Services