The world is in a dynamic state of flux and the rate of change is on the increase. A job for life is well and truly a thing of the past. Add to this the challenges and opportunities presented by the world-wide web, and it becomes obvious that only those nimble individuals and organisations with the skills of creativity, flexibility and adaptability will thrive.

The good news is that you have infinite potential to create whatever you want in your career. The challenge is to translate that potential into tangible results on an ongoing basis. Whether you are an employee in a large organisation or small business, or a consultant working independently or within a large consultancy, the current business environment requires a whole new range of skills.

At their core is the ability to self-coach. This is not about time management skills, internal consulting skills or simple mindfulness techniques. Self-coaching goes way beyond these. It involves tapping into your own creativity and learning new skills and techniques to dynamically direct the highways and byways of your unfolding carer.

The Infinity workshops provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with your innate creativity and become empowered to use new tools and techniques to skilfully and successfully direct your career where you want it to go through the whirlpool of the marketplace.

Some of the benefits of this learning journey for leaders are:

          How to become an effective self-coach

          Getting a hold on your mind

          Generating mental energy

          Tapping in to your capacity for finding innovative solutions

          Understanding and working with anxiety

          Maintaining a creative approach

Customised IC Infinity Workshop Programs can be developed to address your specific organisational and business needs.